Possibilities of lease

Restaurant- You can pick smoking, or smoking-free area, cappacity is around 30-40 people. Reserve a table by your choose.
Wine-bar - Comfortable environment with self-bar. Cappacity is around 50-100 people. There is also possibility of non-services by our employees.
Hall - area for making a big meetings. Cappacity of area and other objects is around 300-500 people.
Ouside sitting - perfect place for summer actions, grilling parties, musicial shows or sports events. Cappacity cca 100 people.

Other Services:

Beside the hotel and offer of restauration we offer wide possibilities of leasing and making an actions. Most famous is making of actions for firms, or school balls. (graduation etc.). We often preparing birthday parties. There is also a chance of minimal of maximal services. Production support and overly helpis natural thing. Inform yourself about possibilities of cooperati nwith Národní dům Podbořany.


Our clients are for example:
  • Ples FTE Automotive Czechia, s.r.o.
  • Ples SOŠ a SOU Podbořany
  • Ples Gymnázia Podbořany
  • Soustředění tanečního klubu xx
  • Podbořanský kulturní šok

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