Don´t forget to taste:

Podbořany´s beercules - 2x warm sausages in spicy sauce and bread. Combination that taste best by serving with beer.
Price: 42 Kč.
Salmon on grill in dilling dip - 100g of fresh salmon with strong dilling dip, that´s what we call gourmet experience.
Price: 105 Kč.
Pancake with flambing fruits, vannila ice-cream and whipping cream, decorated by chocolatte toping – Sweet dot on the end. Price: 69 Kč.
Lobkowicz 12° - Aristocrat between beers. Trust us when we say that you don´t end with only one, and you will fall in love with this beauty.
0,5l for 30 Kč.

About restaurant

It´s not an easy procces to ea twell. But Restauration Národní dům Podbořany bringing you offer, that can help you with this. Excellen tczech and exotic kitchen also, various choices and pleasant personnelis a proof of that.

Besides actually offer of shor orders can customers taste many kind of main food for all 7 day per week. For better taste we offer seven 7 beers and many wines, picked up by best quality.

Every day from 10:00 to selling out we offers non-alcoholic drinks for only 15,- Kč with ordering of main food. Dessert is for free!


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